Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blythe Happenings in July 2014

Hello dear friends!

Today I want to show you, what happened in July.
I got a new doll, named Zoe and I visited the Blythecon in Amsterdam.
I hope you like all the photos and the slide shows.

Hugs Heike

Normal is Boring!
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Zoe’s shopping trip at Blythecon Europe in Amsterdam 2014.
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Amsterdam Slide Show

After the “Blythecon Europe Amsterdam 2014“ my hubby and me visited Amsterdam. We went to a flea market, saw lovely boats at the town canals, strolled through narrow lanes and experienced the wonderful spirit of this city.Afterwards, during our drive to the North Sea, we meet a trusting stork at a car parking area :o) You can see the slide show here:

Blythecon Europe Amsterdam 2014 Slide Show

The visit at the “Blythecon Europe Amsterdam 2014“ was my first participation at a Blythecon. The Blythecon was a fantastic experience. And the additional United Blythe Exhibition was a great idea. This Blythecon was a huge fun for me. I made a lot of photos and I want to show you my favourite ones in a slide show here: 

It’s time for Blythecon!

This is Zoe!
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Keep calm and do a kick flip!
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Poppy and Dylan exchange their collector cards of their favourite artist Sarah Kay. See my Blythe page with the both here:

I love the Sarah Kay paintings since my childhood.

And I am still wild about collecting everything from her. :o)

If you would like to know more about the artist Sarah Kay,
I would be delighted to welcome you on my Sarah Kay page: